June 2016

June was here before I knew it and I was on my way to Iceland with six photographers to photograph Icelandic Horses. We landed in Reykjavik the day before Phyllis Burchett’s tour began, so we checked out the sites of the city and adjusted to the 24/7 daylight.  After everyone arrived we drove our rented van 4 hours to the Skálakot Horse Rental Farm in Hvolsvöllur.
We settled in the farm bunk-house, and then prepared for our 1st photo-shoot of the Icelandic Horses.  Every evening, some horses were rounded up to be used for the next day’s trail rides. They drove the horses down the main street from their pasture, and finally up the driveway to a holding pen, where they would spend the night.

We had 3 pre-arranged photo shoots per day, each one in a different location of the surrounding area. We traveled with the horses to waterfalls, streams, rivers, fields of Lupin and some photos were taken right at the farm.   Certain days we went to their pastures; where we hung out taking photos and enjoying the landscape of Iceland.

Our fabulous tour ended too soon; we had experienced 7 glorious days, and now there was   a sadness leaving this special place of  ‘our childhood dreams.’  Please check the photos  under the Gallery Menu “Iceland.”

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